Fund Raising

Raising fund to build THE EKIMOGUN CULTURAL ASSOCIATION OF TORONTO CENTRE in Ondo City which will provide….

Health Care

We create awareness and education on various silent killer diseases such as Diabetes, High blood pressure and Obesity.


Make a difference today & donate to the less privilege.

Welcome to Ekimogun Cultural Association of Toronto

Ekimogun Cultural Association of Toronto (E.C.A.T) was formed in 1992 and incorporated in 1993 out of love, friendship and a great sense of unity by noble and visionary Ondo Indigenes in Canada. It was created as a forum to exhibit our unique culture, caring heart and serve as a historical legacy for our children. Part of the Association’s objective is to render services in aid of the less-privileged, hence the slogan “LOVE & KINDNESS TO ALL”. We strive to fight poverty, starvation and unemployment in the community where everyone belongs.

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Belly Full Mission December 2015 


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